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The Importance Of Heel to Toe Shifting

One of the most exciting moments in sport is the moment just before the big race as the racing motors are humming and the drivers are at the peak of attention waiting for the start. For one racer, the day will end with him being the first to see the checkered flag. Some legendary racers like Aryton Senna and Alain Proust saw many winning days. Brazilian Formula One driver, Aryton Senna was one of the top winning drivers in Formula One history. Senna won the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix six times, and he was the Formula One Championship winner three times.I was looking for more information and found it here. In addition to his numerous wins, Car Insurance Deals, Aryton Senna still holds numerous Formula One records. Aryton Senna died tragically when he crashed and was killed while rounding a curve at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. Aryton Senna’s greatest racing rival was Alain Proust of France. Their rivalry began while they were both members of the McLaren Formula One team. Senna and Proust battled through many exciting races during their careers. Proust ended his career as the top winning driver in Formula One history with fifty-one wins. This record was surpassed a few years later by Michael Schumacher. Proust was also a four time winner of the Formula One Championship.

What’s the Technique Behind the Wheel: Drag Racing

Top fuel drag racers are a beast of a different color. Their engines produce between 8,500 and 10,000 horsepower, more than the engine in the most powerful locomotive. They move from zero to 100 mph in 0.7 seconds and hit 330 mph after 1,000 feet. They achieve these astounding numbers by transferring all of that power through the tires onto the pavement.

Tires form a buffer between the engine and the road. The perfect driver wouldn’t need this buffer. His perfect reflexes and control would feed the power to the tires at exactly the right rate. Ordinary humans don’t have perfect reflexes Read the rest of this entry »

What’s the Technique Behind the Wheel: Circuit Racing

Regardless of what form of racing you’re interested in, the methods drivers use are generally very close to one another. Whether kart racing or Formula racing, there are certain lines and methods for each track that will provide the driver with the best lap times while using the least amount of fuel and causing the least amount of tire wear. For open wheel racing, tire wear isn’t as big of an issue as it is for closed Read the rest of this entry »

Leave the Racing on the Racetrack

Racing is a pretty exciting pastime and many of you reading this liken yourselves to being racers as well. The way you cut through that traffic on the commute to and from the job – weaving in between all the slower drivers to make it to your destination. Unfortunately, there is one big difference between you and the racers.

When you drive like that on the racetrack, it’s good competition. When you drive like that in the real world on the real road, it’s dangerous and, aside from the obvious repercussions, driving like a racer on the road can be financially disastrous when it comes to your insurance.

If you don’t believe me then check out any auto insurance site like or similar and see for yourself. Whenever you are cited for speeding or causing an accident or any other kind of serious, endangering moving violation that counts against you.

Depending on your provider, having too many strikes against you could raise how much you pay on your auto insurance policy. That’s why you really ought to leave the racing to the professional racers and if you have a need for speed – save it for the track. It won’t do you any good on the real road.

The Formula 1 VS The Sports Car

Formula One, which is also recognized as F1 or Formula 1 and formally called as the FIA (Fdration Internationale de l’Automobile) global contest of Formula One cars, is the uppermost category of single seater car racing. Grands Prix is the Formula One’s season that consists of a sequence of races, conducted on public roads and purpose-built circuits. Formula One car is recognized to be the quickest circuit-racing cars all over the globe, because of extremely high cornering speeds attained through the production of huge quantities of aerodynamic down Read the rest of this entry »

Story Behind the Grand Prix and the Milk Tradition

When the weather was hot, Louis Meyerhas’ mother always gave him buttermilk to drink with the idea that the milk quenched thirst. The idea never left his mind, not even when he became a well-known race car driver of his time.

In 1936, Meyerhas became the first race car driver to win the Indianapolis 500 three times. In a race with 33 cars, he started in 28th place. When the checkered flag fell, not only was Meyerhas one of only ten cars to finish the race, he headed the pack. At the winner’s circle he was asked Read the rest of this entry »

Different Cars For Different Types Of Racing

There are many different types of racing and cars that go along with those variations. In open seat racing the type of cars are built from the ground up. These cars are usually super lightweight and have exposed open wheels. An interesting part of the care is the aerodynamic pieces that help the car reach its maximum grip. The cars are powered by 2.4 liter V8 engine. An example of the car that is used for this type of racing is a 2010 Mercedes GP formula one car and 1993 Lola Indy car. These types Read the rest of this entry »

The Vast Amount Of Race Types

The vast amount of race types gives racing enthusiast a lot of options. Open seat racing is a type of race that showcases vehicles that are built from the ground up. These vehicles are lightweight which allow them to reach amazing speeds compared to normal cars you see every day. These cars have wheels that are exposed as well as the cockpit. Aerodynamic pieces are added to the vehicle to give racers grip. Rally racing ignores the rules Read the rest of this entry »

How Race Cars Have Changed Over the Years

New developments and technologies have led to a number of advances in the sport of racing, as well as the features and performance options available for cars in general. Learning what sorts of changes have helped to shape the world of racing can give you a better idea about what is important for a high performance vehicle to make it on today’s track.

With new ways of improving performance today’s high performance machine may have little in common with the race cars of the past. Improving overall efficiency have allowed for a range of designs that are able Read the rest of this entry »

Racing:The Past and Present Of the Sport

The sport of racing is changing right before our eyes. It has become more popular thanks to some bad things and some good things. All in all the sport has gained momentum that just wasn’t there in the past. This can be contributed to the dangerousness of the sport and the integration of females in racing.

The name Danica Patrick is on the minds of a lot of males. She’s a professional racer that is very appealing to the eye. She is far from being the best in the Read the rest of this entry »